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As per my challenge from the "Money, money, money post.........
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  • Humility.

    I am amazingly humble.

    • I appreciate the challenge...
      I will get back to this when I have a little more time...

      • Quick, traveled, thinker, active, aware, visual, caring ... for a start.

        bilingual, too.
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          Good start, everyone should be able to list at least 20... dig deep look at some of your challenges in life, what skills have you used to get through tough times.
          • I can get along with anyone.
            I am a total optimist, my glass is always full.
            I always see the silver lining, or at least rationalize that its there.
            I can calm people down when they are freaking out.
            I am intelligent.
            I am creative.
            I am honest.
            I am dependable.
            I put my all into whatever I'm doing.
            I have carpentry skills.
            I have computer skills.
            I have alot of patience.
            I can learn anything I set my mind to.
            I have excellent grammar, when I want to use it
            I have an eye for color.
            I am a good baker.
            I work well with children.
            I have a funny talent for being able to read people and tell what kind of person they are the first time I meet them.
            I've learned to trust my gut instinct.
            I'm very loyal, which is probably why I don't have a new job yet.
            I work well with my hands.
            I am very tolerant to heat.
            I like to sew and quilt, and am reasonably good at it.
            I love to garden and grow my own food.
            I love working outside in the summer.
            I love animals and working with them (but no bugs!)
            I love learning new things.
            I love making things.
            I have a very mild temperment and don't get angry very easily.
            I have a way of infectiously making everyone around me smile.
            I'm very positive and upbeat.

            These are what I could list in about 7 minutes. I'll have to make a list here at home and do this a little more deeply. I know I have more. :)
            My biggest problem, here it is...I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm always so scared to fail. I don't deal well with failure. I'm one of those people that has to be the best at everything. I'm trying to quit being like this, and accept my failures, but if I fail I feel that I have to keep redoing it until I make it right.
            So those are my good attributes, and my two really bad ones that hold me back. perfectionism and being afraid of failure.

            You're awesome Bruce. I feel better just getting that out.
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              Way to go! Well done.... Dare I say it's.... perfect?

              • <eyes rolling>
                But that's my whole problem....

                So any advice on how to not try to be perfect all the time?

                My mother is a perfectionist and it used to drive me crazy. Now I realize that I'm doing it too, and its driving my daughter crazy.
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                  Ok Jeanne, so if you fail on Monday, Tuesday still comes and everyone still loves you. If you make something that doesn't turn out right, we still love you, because it's not the end product that matters, it's the person who made it.
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                    you're such a sweetheart.
                    I wish it were that easy.
                    I know that nobody else really cares if I do everything right or not, its just me. Perhaps its a mental illness handed down from my mother. I feel that way sometimes.

                    • Jeanne

                      I really loved your list...
                      It seems to me that you are just a wonderful positive influence in the world...
                      In a world that needs more positive influences.

                      Out of all the flaws that people are saddled with... perfectionism definetly isn't the most horrible...

                      I think you give it more power than it deserves when you describe it as mental illness...

                      I heard a great explaination of those thoughts that nag at us... (it might be Buddhist based... I don't remember).
                      "When we see our monsters clearly they lose thier power... and eventually, perhaps they stop being monsters."

                      I too have a case of the "Perfectionist Itch"... haven't found a good salve to relieve it, but, I am aware of it, and the way it gets in the way of a more full living/loving life, so I have made it just... less important...


  • Talents, Skills, Gifts and Abilities:

    I am humble (I think I already mentioned that one - but it bear repeating)
    I am a good artist.
    I am a great teacher.
    I have a great sense of humor and have the ability to lighten up some very heavy situations.
    I am intellegent (and I am ok with sometimes mis-speeling things).
    I am compassionate and sincere.
    I am aware, awake and alive.
    I have a wide field of knowledge, and continue to expand it daily.
    I can figure things out... mechanically and mentally.
    I am grateful (this didn't come till into my 40's)
    I am aware of myself and my interactions and reactions to new and perhaps fearful situations.
    I keep myself in good shape and am attractive (at least my mom says so...)
    I can cut to the core of things, and do when required; but don't mind taking a more scenic, circumnavigational view.
    I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
    I can walk on my hands for up to 15 feet.
    I can design and build a house from concept to completion.
    I can dance and sing in ways that are pleasing to me (no guarantee to those watching/listening)
    I can create a wonderful, tasty and beautifully presented meal.
    I can weld and I can arrange flowers.
    I have written proposals and received grants to do my work.
    I am convinced that I can make the world a better place, and am certain that it is not just "a phase" that my elders always tried to convince me it was.
    I don't "believe" easily... but I have tremendous faith.

    Thank you for listening.

    • Tom,
      I totally believe that quote about the "monster". Its true that now that I have come to acknowledge it, it doesn't have as much power. Its a nuisance though. It tends to hold me back from trying things sometimes, becasue I'm scared I won't be good at them. Its sounds stupid, but its a big hurdle for me to leap. I just need a little more faith in myself and my abilities. Then I can tame the monster and put him back in his cage.
      You sound like you have some great things going for you!! After reading your list, I can see some things I could add to mine as well. You sound like a great person! :)

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